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MLS Laser Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

Are you living with nerve pain, tingling, numbness, and similar ailments? Any, or all of these can be challenging obstacles in day to day life, sometimes making you feel like your own body is working against you. These symptoms could be indicators of peripheral neuropathy.

Novato Foot and Ankle Center has a treatment for peripheral neuropathy. We excel at helping each patient manage and treat their symptoms, providing nerve pain management as well as a path back to normal daily life where these symptoms don't hold them back.

As with many ailments of the foot and ankle, the reasons that peripheral neuropathy is an issue can differ from patient to patient. And, in the same way, our treatment recommendations will differ from patient to patient. We specialize in evaluating your unique situation and building a treatment plan that is individualized.

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy is providing relief to many who suffer from peripheral neuropathy around the world, and we believe it is a good fit for a selection of our patient.s

Does Laser Therapy Help with Peripheral Neuropathy?

The lasers used in MLS therapy cause minor disruptions in tissue that stimulate positive responses within your body. They do not burn or damage tissue in any way.

We call this form of treatment "regenerative medicine" and it is part of the body's natural healing process. You can compare it a bit to the way muscles tear just a little bit when a person is lifting weights. The body repairs the muscle naturally and that repair is stronger than it was originally, and in the case of muscles, also larger, which is how you build muscle.

If you feel like your body is working against you when you experience symptoms, treatment based in MLS laser therapy may be a way to get your body working for you again.

Here are more specifics on how the body responds positively to MLS laser treatment:

Increased Blood Flow

As you can imagine, increasing blood flow to the extremities, including your feet and toes, can be helpful in cases where poor circulation is a primary cause of the condition.

Improvement of blood flow can bring more oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue and nerves, allowing them to heal naturally more easily, and perform better doing what they were meant to do. This may also result in pain reduction, and reduction in other symptoms.

Reduction of Swelling

Reducing inflammation is a simple treatment for bruises, pinched nerves, and other minor injuries in the body. As with those injuries, swelling is another symptom of peripheral neuropathy.

Compressed nerves can become damaged or send faulty signals to the brain. And nerves can be compressed when there is swelling nearby. MLS laser therapy can assist in reduction of swelling in order to help improve blood flow. More blood flow equates to removal of excess fluid build up and swelling relief.

Pain Relief

The body's response to MLS laser therapy includes short term blockage of pain signals. This is certainly a benefit to the patient and can be a big relief for those dealing with peripheral neuropathy. The improvements in function and the healing that is stimulated in damaged nerves will many times provide longer term pain relief and reduction.

Adding MLS laser therapy to a larger treatment plan for peripheral neuropathy has been shown to help patients achieve reduced pain, or improved pain management, improve tissue health and nerve performance, and, in some cases, reduce the need for other treatments. All patients are different in their body's response to treatment, and Novato Foot and Ankle Center can advise on your particular needs.

Indeed, MLS laser therapy may be the ideal form of treatment for many patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Some patients may also achieve greater benefit from other forms of therapy. We don't always recommend laser treatment, and a consultation with one of our physicians is the best way to determine your treatment plan.

What to Expect

Typically, with MLS laser therapy as part of your treatment, you can expect several sessions of therapy to take place throughout a course of weeks or months.

Sessions take place at our outpatient clinic and there is no need to prepare in any way ahead of time. Therapy is applied to the affected and recommended areas through a device that is designed specifically for MLS laser therapy treatment. Typically sessions last under 30 minutes.

The treatment does not cause any pain under normal circumstances, and most patience don't experience anything more than a warm sensation in the area where treatment is applied. There is not a need for bandages, or further treatment to the area when MLS laser therapy is complete.

Results aren't instant and are usually cumulative in nature; so you'll likely feel more and more benefit of the treatment after repeated applications. Of course, we will monitor your progress throughout your treatment cycle and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the results are as strong as possible for each patient.

What You Can Do Now

Whether MLS laser therapy is part of your treatment plan, or not, you can begin addressing your peripheral neuropathy symptoms now. The symptoms typically get worse over time, so beginning as soon as possible to address them can provide relief sooner, or reverse the onset of worse or further symptoms, helping you turn toward a more active and comfortable future. Beyond MLS laser therapy. there are other potential forms of treatment, from regenerative medicine to physical therapy, better footwear choices, and dietary improvements.

We're more than happy to consult with you about your symptoms to find out if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, and to discover if MLS laser treatment is a solution for you. Contact us today for an appointment.